OASIS Clinic for Neurophysiological Wellness


OASIS Clinic for Neurophysiological Wellness

People with MS, ALS, AD (Alzeheimer's) and other forms of cognitive dementia, Fragile-X (autism and related dysfunctions), CVA (stroke), TBI (traumatic brain injury), PD (Parkinson's), Depression, PTSD and other neurological-mainly disorders and diseases are all involved with a lot of others among us in what ICYCWEWILL is all about:

  • Raising Awareness - not only about what is, but new ways, and old traditional ways, to address many conditions, disorders, and diseases, preventively, amelioratively, therapeutically, and even for reasonable cures.
  • Removing misunderstandings, stigmas and downright bad, unhealthy attitudes toward neurological disorders and diseases and the people with such conditions.
  • Creating opportunities, in the midst of a (frankly speaking) very self-centered and greedy society, for people to Have Access to better information, diagnostics, medicines, treatments, and procedures
  • SHOWING the World that people Can an Will DO when they are given the opportunity. Even if they have trouble walking, standing, speaking, and doing a lot of other functions that too many of us take for granted and assume everyone should be able to do - or else disappear quietly and be silent.
  • Well, the (R)Evolution is ON, and We ARE Going to Change the World for the Better.

Note: This website and materials such as the bibliography mentioned here is in preparation and will be updated and upgraded soon.

We are providing an extensive annotated bibliography about the scientific and medical (including clinical) basis for all of this research and clinical work which is coming from:

  • Mayo, Cleveland, Oregon Health Science Univ., ETH-Zurich, Oxford Univ.
  • Univ. of California SF, Univ. of North Texas, Univ. of Bergen, UNAM
  • Cereneo, Brigham & Women's, Leiden Univ., Harvard, Univ. of Montreal
  • MIT, UCLA, Imperial College, Max Planck Institutes, Univ. of Vienna
  • Charity Medical Univ., Med. Univ. of South Carolina, Johns Hopkins
  • EPFL, TRAINM, NYU Presbyterian, Northwestern Univ. & Hospital
  • and quite a few more people and places

There is also information about the TETRAD Oasis 2020 Seminar, planned for June 2020, bringing together leading neuroscience and neuromedicine researchers and clinicians in a fascinating combo of onsite and online meetings for a few days that will also involve real-life regular ND (neurodegenerative disease) patients and families in communication and interaction. First of its kind, and happening with an open-door invite to YOU.

Meanwhile, just contact us. We don't bite! ))))

We are all Real, Normal, Regular People. Some have MD and PhD and RN after their titles, and most of us have nothing but our smiles and souls but great big hearts and very intelligent and worthy minds.

Contrary to what some people say to and about us (the famous "tipped the scales" remark to us when we looked for a place for a few people to meet, share, learn and co-create): "We don't think our other tenants would want such people around because they could spill things and make the place dirty...") --- We are also very clean, hygenic, and though some of us may take time getting bathed, dressed, etc., and need help from others, we ALL are seriously doing what we can, in spite of no resources and a lot of rejections and indifferences, to Improving Human Lives for Everyone.

What we'd like from You, the Readers:

  • Your Support - funds (money, capital), time, and influence"
  • Pro Bono and "barter-basis" Legal Support for a variety of important functions - including: overcoming obstacles like: agism, sexism, disability-rejection, and many other stigmas
  • Your Influence and Support (did we already say that? I think we need to say it 2, 3, n times...)
  • Places to occasionally meet - as small groups, and in different places around North America and in other continents as well --- and absolutely, we are a clean, neat, cool bunch, unlike what some persons think about folks with MS, AD, TBI, Stroke and other conditions.

OASIS Clinic needs YOUR involvement, engagement and support. We are bona fide, we are Real Science and Medicine, we are Real People, and we are operating not-for-personal-or-investor-profit.

We do not ask for internet donations, and we don't believe in giving portions of your support funds to PayPal or Indiegogo or some PR/advertising agencies. We ask you to support us directly. Start by contacting us - directly.

We welcome persons as Board members, and as active professionals to participate in the activities thus described. Contact us. Support us. It is for You and Your Families and Our Society.

Please contact OASIS Clinic at

+1 (231) 492-8301 or +1 (505) 926-1399 or write to

oasisclinic [at] tdyn.org
rachelcereth [at] tdyn.org
martinjoseph [at] tdyn.org
makar.duncan [at] gmail.com

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